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How To Double Your Income in 2018

Become a Business Coach

  I am about to share with you an indisputable action plan that will dramatically increase your income if you have the courage to make it happen. But first, The  question must be asked, “Why is it that some people  make $5000.00 a day and other  people only make $250.00  a  day. (or less) Is it because they are more intelligent? Maybe it is because they are better looking? Perhaps it is because of the people  they know? While they...

How To Create Leverage So You Own a Business Not A Job!

How to create a business plan

I would like to take you back to the year 1987 to a Suburb Called Toongabbie, located in the west of Sydney, where two friends were sitting on a brick  fence together engaged in a serious conversation. Their names were Ian and Mr X (Mr X is real, however he is my best friend, and I would rather keep it that way, so I will not reveal his name here.)   Ian was moaning and groaning about how hard it...