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It’s the numbers, Stupid

it's the number stupid

The “BIG” business lesson vital to EVERY entrepreneur’s ultimate success… from one of the most famous and successful US presidential election slogans ever. Back in 1992 the first George Bush was considered unbeatable in the upcoming US presidential election against then-Arkansas Governor, Bill Clinton. You see Bush had successfully prosecuted the first Gulf War and was miles ahead in the polls. Clinton’s campaign strategist, James Carville, a smooth operator saw a weak link in the Bush armour. Carville knew he...

The No 1 Reason Why Most Business Owners Do Not Have A Reliable Predictable Online Lead Generation System.

How to increase profits

As a Business Owner you would have to agree that having an effective online presence is critical in this day and age, and yet, if we carried out an audit of 100 Business Owners this is the result we would get.   Where did these numbers come from? NO- Not out of my bottom! They come direct form the Australian Bureau of Statistics.*   Does anyone else, apart from me find this confronting?   Now, I am assuming that all...