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How To Improve Business Profits Instantly Using a Consultant!

October 14, 2020 11:43 am Published by Leave your thoughts

If you could improve the bottom line profits by 20% or more in your business in the next 48 hours without spending any extra marketing dollars would it be worth spending five minutes learning how?

This week I would like to help you optimise the results you are getting in your business by showing you how simple it is to get better results by simply doing what you are currently doing more effectively.

If you have a look at the van below you are going to see a simple strategy in action.

Can you see what they are doing that 90 % of their competitors are not?

They are optimising their relationship with their client!

Look at the van closely.

They are offering carpet cleaning services BUT in addition to that they are also offering Pest Control Services and Garden Maintenance!

You may be thinking “SO WHAT!”

Well, let’s look at the numbers here shall we?

Imagine you are a Carpet Cleaning Company!

You do a carpet clean of the house for say $500.00 and you may do this on an annual basis.

After 5 years looking after them you have a lifetime value of $2500.00 from that client. (5 years *$500.00 = $2500.00)

Let’s Add Another Service – PEST CONTROL

You have done a great job cleaning their carpets, so you have built TRUST with them, now you offer your Pest Control Services which may be another $500.00 a year.

Let’s Add Another Service – GARDEN MAINTAINENANCE

OK, so you are cleaning their carpets, you are keeping them termite and cockroach free now because you are there why don’t you add garden services to your menu.

That may be another $200.00 per month to put in your pocket

Value Of Client 5 years

Carpet Cleaning $500.00 * 5 years = $2500.00

Pest Control $500.00 * 5 years = $2500.00

Garden Services $2,400.00* 5 years = $12,000.00

What Is The End Result?

Instead of making $2,500.00 over 5 years from this client you are now making :

$17,000.00 from the SAME CLIENT!

How cool is that?

This is one of the strategies that helped me build my 5 multi million dollar companies.

It is also one of the strategies that have helped two of my private clients achieve growth of well over 300% over the last 12 months. (I only work with 4 private clients at a time as I value my family time)

Now some of you may be thinking – Well that’s an obvious thing to do in a business,and you would be right!

Here is the question though. Are You Applying This Simple Strategy in Your Business?

Eight out of Ten businesses that I work with don’t apply this strategy which is fantastic as we call these clients a consultant’s prayer, because it makes our job a lot easier to help your business improve 🙂

Here Is The BIG Takeaway!

Although I have shared this simple strategy with you to maximise the lifetime value of the client and you can see the amazing improvements executing this idea will have on your company there is a good chance that some business owners may still not start implementing this idea.

Why Is This?

This is why Business Owners Can Benefit From Having A Business Consultant!

Many business owners are so busy keeping the wheels turning in their companies that they rarely take time out to be strategic and put growth and profit strategies like this into their business.

Having a good business consultant on their team helps them create maximum results in minimum time simply by consistently developing a strategy and ensuring the correct execution of the plan.


Are You Ready To Change The Game?

If you are in Business and want help improving the results you are getting, or if you are thinking of a career change and would like to learn how to be a Six Figure business Consultant then why don’t you click the button below and have a talk with me.

We can look at what you would like to achieve and I will share some ideas with you that will assist you in getting there.

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