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  • Streetsmart Business School

    Psychologists report their best month ever in Business.

    By Applying the strategies from Streetsmart Business School we have just had our best month ever.

    Brad and Monique Everton

    Synergy Mind Solutions

  • Streetsmart Business School

    From $20,000.00 in sales in 6 months to $100,000 sales in 3 weeks!

    I was facing some real challenges with my Horse Syndication Business. I applied some principles Ian taught me and made over $100,000.00 in the next three weeks!

    Mark Burckhardt

    Regal Bloodstock

  • Streetsmart Business School

    Architect achieves 300% increase in leads

    Just took my leads from 5 a month to 25 leads per month. Thanks Ian

    Richard Van Dorp

    RRVD Architects

  • Streetsmart Business School

    Losing around $30k mth for 19 straight mths to making a $36k profit in 120 days.

    Due to a competitor opening and major Council works occurring I was losing around 30K a mth for 19 straight months.
    Ian agreed to help me and within 120 days I had made over $36k in profit.

    James Gardener

    The Stockade

  • Streetsmart Business School

    Accountant achieves over 400% Growth

    When I finally got over my scepticism and implemented the Streetsmart Strategies my Business Exploded

    Roger Booker

  • Streetsmart Business School

    I HATE IAN! I get no sleep now because I have so much Business!

    I thought my business was doing OK. That was before I learned the Streetsmart Strategies and applied them in my business. I now have so much work I don’t have time to sleep.
    Thanks Ian

    Oris Squadrito

    Bayside Limousines

  • Streetsmart Business School

    The Fastest Growing Horse Float Retailer in Australia

    When we met Ian we were moving around one trailer per mth for around $20k. Within 3 months of implementing Ian’s Systems we were doing between 4 and 5 horse floats a month.

    James and Alex Medved

    Equiluxe Horse Floats

  • Streetsmart Business School

    Went from Frustration to Freedom

    I was $3 mil in Debt and thought life was over, but, within 3 years I have eliminated the debt and have a thriving business.

    For every $1.00 I have invested I have received $15.00 back

    John Dwyer

  • Streetsmart Business School

    We now have a Business instead of a job!

    “For 25 years we were tied to the business. After implementing the Streetsmart Systems into our company, we now have the freedom and benefits of owning a Business, not a Job.”

    Ali and Danny Halupka

    Grant Sheds

Streetsmart Business School

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About Ian Marsh

Ian Marsh, Managing Director

An electrician by trade, Ian has spent 15 years in the trenches and built 5 multi-million dollar businesses, both traditional and online.

It wasn’t until 2006 he consulted to his first client, a friend who was about to lose everything. From this humble beginning Ian created a trade-based coaching program, which in just 12 months became the largest and most successful of its kind.

Seeing the life-changing effect this had on people’s lives, Ian then committed to showing other business owners how to create success.

What We Believe

  • We believe anyone can create a Profitable, Scalable, Salable Business.
  • We believe in courageous business owners
  • We believe you should not have to sacrifice your health and family to create a successful business.
  • We Believe your staffing options should not be restricted by International Borders.
  • We believe you can achieve Financial and Lifestyle Freedom with 3-5 years
  • We believe that everyone should be saying good things about you.
  • We believe that you should control your Business not your business control you
  • We believe we have the ability to help you
  • What do you believe?